Lefkoe Belief Process: Beliefs Other Than Core Beliefs That Are Useful to Eliminate

The Lefkoe Belief Process Can Eliminate All Negative Beliefs

Often times a negative pattern can have more than just core beliefs like, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not important”.  Beliefs can also be negative statements about life, other people, etc.  It’s helpful to explore many different contexts when uncovering negative beliefs.  This might be a helpful way to permanently eliminate a negative pattern like procrastination, low self-confidence, struggles with speaking in public, etc.

Here Are Some Beliefs I Found Were Also Helpful to Eliminate

Beliefs associated with a client’s parents might be also a source of useful negative beliefs to eliminate.  I have found that eliminating beliefs like, “My mother has total power over me” or “My father has complete control over my life” can really give a client a sense that they are more in control of their lives.  We can have many different beliefs with regards to our parents or caregivers.  What might be some of yours?

Life is just getting better and better

This is great news because we only have one shot at life and time is running out! Find out some way to eliminate the blocks, barriers, and negative feelings that might be plaguing you.  As I continue to eliminate negative beliefs with myself and others, more and more possibilities arise.  I want this for you too!  To a life of total freedom!

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