About Michael White

Michael White is the creator of after discovering the amazing power of the processes that make up the Lefkoe Method.  He has been a professional hypnotist and hypnotherapist for decades and has helped clients clear unwanted beliefs with the Lefkoe Belief Process since 2009. 

Contact him today to clear away unwanted negative patterns like procrastination or fear of social settings.

My Passion

Life is not a rehearsal and time is running out for everyone.  My passion is to help those willing to do it eliminate the barriers in their (very time sensitive) lives. Morty Lefkoe’s work has really helped me transform my life in so many different ways and I want to share these processes with you.

Most people believe there is something wrong with them, they are not good enough, or don’t measure up.  Many are plagued with low self-esteems and find themselves repeating patterns over and over for years.  Trust me, I know it because I’ve lived it.  

And yet one indisputable fact remains…life and time is running out.  We are all faced with it.  Are you ready to eliminate the cause of the negative patterns in your life?  

Get ahold of me and let’s talk and see if this kind of work is the right fit for you!