Lefkoe Method: Do You Want a Different Outcome In Your Life? Part 1

"A wrong perception of ourselves. In one sense that's the only problem."
- John Bradshaw
The Lefkoe Belief Process Creates Possibilities in a Person's Life

This process is the only one I have found that has the wonderful ability to eliminate negative beliefs.  I’m going to help you eliminate the belief, “I’m not good enough”.

As a Lefkoean, I Believe in Using Whatever it Takes to Help you Succeed!

Before I found Morty Lefkoe’s outstanding work, I trained as a hypnotist and became interested in studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Though it is considered a pseudo-science,  I found some useful success with some of my NLP studies and trainings. It wasn’t until I found the Lefkoe Belief Process that my life really strated to improve.  That being said, I still find some aspects of NLP very useful when doing the LBP

Like the Lefkoe Belief Process, NLP uses language to assist with challenging fixed ideas

I want to help you live a life free of limitations.  I know how much it hurts to feel like year after year the same problems linger.  As we have seen, throw an isolating pandemic into the mix and life can feel extremely tough.  I’m going to run you through the steps of the Lefkoe Belief Process for the belief, “I’m not good enough” adding in some of the language changing patterns of NLP to really make sure the belief is permanently eliminated. 

the Lefkoe Belief Process on Its Own Will Eliminate Negative Beliefs

To be clear, you do not need to know NLP or other techniques to receive negative belief eliminating benefits of the Lefkoe Belief Process, but Morty near the end of his life discovered NLP and I believe used his understandings to add in an a step to the LBP for people who were not convinced they could “see” their belief in the world, but instead “felt” their reality statements.  I do not know the extent to which he used or understood NLP, but I did read that he was utilizing it in some fashion. Either way, I figured why not use some language patterns to help you be sure that you cannot feel the belief “I am not good enough” in your body when you say the belief out loud.  Let’s get started…

Lefkoe Belief Process: I am Not Good Enough

Please say the negative belief, “I’m not good enough” out loud.  Notice if you feel it’s true for you.  You will most likely have a sensation in your body that let’s you know that you feel that it is true.  As a contrast, say “I am a kitchen sink”.  Notice that there is likely a different sensation (or none).  That was easy right?

Let's Already Begin to Challenge the Belief's Place in Reality or "the Truth" of It.

I remember that I mentioned that I would include some more words as part of a negative belief like, “I am not good enough”.  Words, that do not exist as measurable in the external word.  Words like, “real” “true” and “right”.  These are adjectives, not nouns or verbs.  They cannot be seen but are used to describe what a human is seeing.  Imagine if all humans were gone from Earth, a squirrel’s tail would not still be “fluffy” right?  We endow with adjectives what we observe.  So, say the belief now this way, “I decided that it is real, true, and right that I am not good enough”.  I’ll expain why I’m having you say, “I decided…” later but for now say this statement out loud and notice if it feel differently to say it this way.  It’s likely that it does.

"Some part of you might 'know' that what you believe doesn't make sense and some part of you might be embarrassed about believing it, but do you have a 'gut' sense of believing it anyway?"
Morty Lefkoe
Lefkoe Belief Process

What a great way to start an amazing process!  Even though you might know “intellectually” that a belief like “I’m not good enough” can’t be real or true nor reality or “the truth”, you most likely have a deeper or gut sense that it is a part of who you are? Don’t you feel this way?

Let's Try an NLP "Sleight of Mouth" Pattern - Reality Strategy

Please let me be clear that NLP is not in anyway a part of the Lefkoe Belief Process nor the Lefkoe Method.  Neither is hypnosis. But, this is a cool chance to use other “stuff” to help you eliminate a negative belief.  Again, as a Lefkoean, I’m devoted to both living a life free of all limitations and helping you do the same, so let’s mess around a bit.

The first sleight of mouth pattern I want to run is called, “Reality Strategy”  It’s a, “how do you know?” pattern that can be helpful to change a person’s perspective.  In this case, I want to run the pattern or the “how do you know?” on the concept or idea of “knowing”.

Morty, in the LBP wrote, “some part of you might ‘know’…”. I want you to take a moment to contemplate how you know that you know something.  I could say, “how do you know when it’s time to get angry or happy?”In this case I could also ask, “how do you know when it’s time to feel like the belief, “I’m not good enough” is reality or the truth?” and you will have a series of biological processes that “run”.  One of the goals of NLP is to study and utilized how you do what you do.  Morty in the LBP has asked you to say a belief out loud and notice if you feel something inside…how you do internally the reality of the belief, “I’m not good enough”.  

I’m asking you to examine how you know that you “know”.  My guess is there are plenty of ways that you are sure that you know things.   Up to now, you might have not examined this processing of “knowing”, you just counted on it to be there, but for now I want you to really noticed how you experience your version of “knowing” so that you can begin to guess whether it is still useful but more importantly still real or true for you!

In other words, how you do you “know” or create reality for yourself “inside” of you?  It’s probably an amount of feelings that one could label “certainty” or “I just know”.  But remember, the point of all of this is that you want a crud belief to go away for ever and it’s less than useful patterns to follow.  So, there will be a point where it will impossible for you to “know” that a belief like “I’m not good enough” is reality for you!  Get it?

Can you really know that you know that you know?  Play that one out in your mind a bit :).

Let's run a test, say, "I know that it is real, true, and right that I am not good enough!"

Notice what you feel inside.  Do things feel different and better?   Do you feel a little more confused or uncertain? Is your gut a little less “gutty” when you say the belief?  We will go through the entire process, but maybe the belief will crack early.  Who knows?

"Where did the belief, 'I'm not good enough' come from - what are your earliest experiences that led you to forming that belief?"
Morty Lefkoe
Lefkoe Belief Process

Morty wants you to explore your memories.  And find the events that would have led you to conclude, “I’m not good enough.”  Find the moments you experienced as a child.  A core belief like, “I’m not good enough” usually forms in a person’s mind before the age of 6 or 7 years old.

Let's run the NLP pattern, "Chunking Down"

A good chunking down question might be, “which specific events could have directly led you to conclude you weren’t “good enough”  What did you see?  What did you hear? What did you feel?  You also can look as close as you can at the behaviors your parents or primary caregivers demonstrated.  Even facial expressions.  Remember the very specific faces they made (including looking away).  Say the actions out loud or write them down!

"Is it clear for you that the events you found are the source of your belief, 'I'm not good enough?'"
Morty Lefkoe
Lefkoe Belief Process

I would suggest that your unconscious mind gave you the correct events that led you to forming the belief, “I’m not good enough” because those are the moments you have linked to the belief!

Let's run the NLP pattern, "Consequence"

This is a very interesting moment to use consequence as a pattern because the next couple of questions in the Lefkoe Belief Process touches on consequence as part of the cause of forming the negative belief, “I’m not good enough”.  Here’s what I mean:

"Is it clear to you that the evidence seemed to justify the interpretation - in other word it was a reasonable conclusion to reach?
Is it also clear that most people at that age probably would have reached the same conclusion that you did?"
Morty Lefkoe
Lefkoe Belief Process

To me this section is utilizing consequence as a way to convince a person that it makes sense that they concluded what they did about themselves.  Essentially this section to me is stating, “as a consequence of the events you experienced, it makes sense you concluded the belief, ‘I’m not good enough’ right?”

End of Part 1, soon we will be opening up a world of possibilities!

I want to keep these posts to rather manageable size chunks.  I’m curious to see if we can apply some more “sleight of mouth” NLP patterns to the Lefkoe Belief Process to experience some interesting shifts inside.  

Are You Ready for Better Outcomes in Your Life?

See you soon and I want you to really consider whether your life is working the way you want it to.  If you want top quality belief elimination, please click the button below:

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