Lefkoe Belief Process: Beliefs Shape Emotions

Beliefs Not Only Dictate Behaviors, They Dictate Emotions

Morty Lefkoe in his book, Re-create Your Life, writes that beliefs not only control a person’s behavior – including action avoidance or procrastination – beliefs also create the bad feelings the keep one from making the moves they want in life.

Eliminating Beliefs Not Only Opens Up Possibilities, It Helps You Feel Better

Morty explains that permanently getting rid of negative beliefs, you “create new possibilities for action”.  I know this is true for me, I have been working with a belief elimination partner for a number of years and over the weekend, we uncovered and he helped me eliminate some beliefs that had been really throwing up some roadblocks for me for awhile.

How Specifically Has the Lefkoe Belief Process Specifically Helped Me This Week?

I have been starting and stopping the building of some websites that have been important to me, but didn’t feel good to complete.  This was specifically due to a number of beliefs.  I know this is true because once I eliminated the relevant beliefs this weekend, I’ve been working on the websites (including this one).  I almost ran out of time to get this post out to you out there in the world.

When the Bad Feelings Go Away, I Find Action Effortless

I guess I have the benefit of an inability to take most actions if it doesn’t feel good to me to do it.  I can get the “stuff” done like most, but certain actions were elusive to me until I got rid of the necessary beliefs.  Just the way it’s been.  I’m a classic “starter and stopper”, but since finding this process, so much has already improved in my life.  I’m back in school earn two master’s degrees, getting projects done without a care (or resentment) and coming up with new strategies to improve the lives of myself and my family.

Eliminating Beliefs is The Trick

If you are interested in learning how to eliminate your negative beliefs and problematic patterns for good, let’s talk.  I’ll include a button below. 


I’m going to be starting a podcast that specifically focus on the Lefkoe Method and getting out the amazing processes to the world.  I’ll be adding the episodes to this site and sending out updates.

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