Lefkoe Belief Process: A powerful step to help eliminate negative beliefs!

The Purpose of the Lefkoe Belief Process

Morty, writes that the purpose of the Lefkoe Belief Process is to eliminate a negative belief as being, “the truth”.  Truth is a noun and sometimes it can feel like a “thing”, almost like an object.  However, we cannot see “the truth” in the real world like an object.  Nor can we see it as a series of events or movements like an action verb.  In fact, the “truth” is something many spend their whole lives arguing about.  As far as I know, no one has ever cornered the market on “the truth” (I might be opening a can of worms here :))

Something Helpful I've Discovered in My Research

While I might not be able to disprove that the truth exists or doesn’t, I can certainly argue that adjectives don’t exist on their own on earth.  Words like good, bad, right, and wrong cannot be seen hear or felt in the world.  They have no dimensions like that.  “Shiny” has no weight.  And “rough” isn’t really rough, it’s a label given by people to describe a quality of an object.  Something doesn’t not have inherent roughness and if all humans were wiped out rough would no longer exist because “rough” is a human word.  To keep things down to earth, individuals also have different ideas of what “rough” is, so much so that folks argue about it.  Either way, we are the designators of descriptive worlds like these.  A problem is that we can forget that we did this and swear that a rock is “rough” due to its nature and not our deciding it to be so.  The same goes for labels we give ourselves such as “bad”, “rotten”, “ugly”, “unworthy”, etc.

Eliminate Adjectives as a Way to Eliminate Negative Beliefs

When you decide to permanently eliminate negative beliefs with this fantastic process, we will first tackle the most common negative beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not important”.  You will notice some fundamental changes by making these phrases impossible when describing who you are.  I’m going to add a little bit more to those statements to really help you get that these beliefs are not permanently part of your identity.  I’m going to add the adjectives, “true” and “real” to the beginning of each so that the beliefs are, “It’s true and real that I’m not good enough” and “It’s true and real that I’m not important”.  Remember, the Lefkoe Belief Process is designed so you can neither seen nor feel that a negative belief is “the truth”.  Sometimes, this might be a hard idea to break.  But it is very easy to remember that “true” and “real” are adjectives and that no adjectives exist as nouns or verbs on the planet (stuff we tend to be able to observe).  If it cannot be true or real that one can be “not good enough”, can it be seen or felt as true or real?  Take a moment to think about this. 

This Work Gets Me Jumping Out of Bed Every Day!

My hope is that you’ve already had some success eliminating beliefs of your own.  This is truly something I adore and it brings me amazing joy to help others find freedom from the negative patterns caused by negative beliefs.  If you’d like to work with me, contact me and let’s figure out what is holding you back from your best life!  Enjoy today and this coming week and I’ll connect with you soon!

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