Lefkoe Belief Process: This Post Could Transform Your Life!

"Beliefs are nothing more than ideas we have about reality that we are convinced are "the truth." They are, for us, accurate statements about reality. Because sane people are generally are guided in their lives by what they think "reality" is, our beliefs about ourselves and reality mold our behavior, our emotions, and our attitudes."
- Morty Lefkoe, February 11, 2008.

The Lefkoe Belief Process is so powerful because part of the process requires understanding that what we are convinced about ourselves, others, life, money, etc. is merely ideas.  Notice how for most of your life you have felt the phrase, “not good enough”, and yet this phrase cannot exist in reality.  It can only exist in the mind.  And yet, because our minds are so powerful, once this or any other less than useful beliefs takes root as “reality” or “the truth” we see it in the meaningless actions of others to the point where we are convinced that what the did or didn’t do meant that we were not “good enough”.

While being guided by beliefs might mean we are sane, it can certainly cause us a lot of problems.

Imagine there are two versions of you, one for whom a belief like, “I’m not important” is the truth about you – an aspect of who you are – and a second version for whom a belief like that is impossible.  Which version of you is more likely to feel better and get more done in your life?  The second version right?  Well, the Lefkoe Belief Process specifically is designed to eliminate negative beliefs so that you no longer feel like the earlier first version of you.

How do you know if the Lefkoe Belief Process has worked?

It’s pretty straight-forward, if you have done all of the steps correctly (this is most likely with an experienced coach like me) when you say a belief like, “I’m not worthwhile” out loud, it doesn’t feel like anything any more.  It feels a lot like other absurd statements you could say about yourself like, “I’m a watering hole” or “I’m sparkly”.  It won’t feel true or kind of bad when you say it anymore.

So how can this post transform your life?

If beliefs control our behaviors and emotions, won’t eliminating a belief that controls behaviors and feelings we don’t like, isn’t our life transformed?  Imagine having a pattern of saying the wrong things at work that put your employment at risk, or losing your temper a lot around your family.  Wouldn’t eliminating the source of your misplaced words around your boss, partner or children transform your life in ways you might not have even imagined?  That’s just the beginning if you commit to this amazing work!

I’m particularly interested in helping those who have a passion for removing as many barriers to their lives as possible and leaving a legacy for the descendant they will never meet.  Imagine being the person in your family line who breaks a transgenerational negative pattern that has been driven by negative beliefs!  Imagine relating to your children, co-workers and partner in ways you’ve only ever dreamt about!  I want this for you!  Remember, the clock is ticking!

My Lefkoean discoveries this week.

1.  I have been doing a lot of own Lefkoe Occurring/Freedom Process work this week and I noticed that what seemed to be causing a lot of my negative feelings throughout the day were adjectives like “wrong”, “bad”, “annoying”, etc.  What an exciting discovery!  For most of my life, I thought other’s actions CAUSED my negative feelings but Morty shared with the world that it’s our “occurrings” that cause the feelings and I discovered that it’s the adjectives within the occurring (or an adjective in an occurring about the occurring) that are the cause of the feeling.  

Suggestion for this week.  Notice what adjectives that you have unconsciously linked crummy feelings to like, “loser”, “jerk” and so on.  Make a clear distinction between the occurring maker (you) and the adjectives you are choosing.  Stop using them and you will feel better!

2. “Things” that are immeasurable are destroying our lives.  A belief like “I’m not good enough” has zero measurable dimensions in the observable Universe.  Even if someone says, “you’re not good enough for me”, the phrase doesn’t exist.  A person has just moved their body in a way to create a sound known as language.  Notice who you may have given “authority” (what is that anyway??) and permission to make you feel bad this week.  Some people heard that phrase from a parent when they were a kid and due to age and developmental level believed it.  We can outgrow this process by eliminating beliefs that might give others inappropriate power or authority.  

Contact me today to uncover and eliminate the negative patterns that have been ruining your life.  Stop being a voyeur while the world passes you by!  I’m including a button below!

Have a great week!

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