How the Lefkoe Belief Process Transformed My Life!

I have been a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist for almost 30 years.  During that time, I was always looking for techniques that would help remove barriers, eliminate anxiety, and resolve past pains.  One night, I was searching discussion boards for information about negative belief and stumbled across a process that completely transformed my life.

Morty Lefkoe had struggled for many years in his life,

“It was 23 years ago on January 2 that I was on a plane from New York to Los Angeles with five hours on my hands, and I found myself thinking about my own life.  I had been struggling for a long time to get my training programs accepted by companies.  But in spite of making many presentations, I wasn’t getting yeses.  And here I was flying again, cross-country to try once more.” 

Morty discovered that a pattern he was living day in and day out was that he would work very hard to get clients, fail and start again.  He was a great example of someone who was willing to persevere regardless of who rejected him.  This could be considered an admirable quality, but the problem was that getting rejected wasn’t paying the bills.

So he kept asking himself over and over, “if my life was the results of my beliefs, what did I believe that could be responsible…?” 

He discovered that this belief was for him a “truth” on the identity level.”

“So what did I actually believe?  Five hundred or so miles later I had found the answer:  I’m someone who overcomes obstacles.  That was a truth about me.  In fact, it felt as if that’s who I really was (Lefkoe, 1997).”

So what was the problem?  Isn’t inspiring to hear about someone who overcomes obstacles?  Aren’t these the types of people we laud and admire?  Maybe so, but as Morty came to understand when one believes that they are someone who overcomes obstacles, which are they more likely to have more of obstacles or success?  Obstacles right?

The story (awesome legend IMO) continues that he challenged this belief with enough alternative interpretations for the remaining time on the flight that this belief – a fundamental sense of who he was – felt different.  He described it as a “profound shift” after he landed.  What he had experienced was the first belief of many that he had eliminated. 

This is what excited me about this process so much, finally there was a technique that made and seemed to deliver on some mind blowing ideas.  A human being – when asking the right questions – can eliminate what the feel or believe are fundamental and negative building blocks of who they are.

Honestly, I cannot remember where I first read mention of the Lefkoe Belief Process, I know I found it late at night in my old apartment and I’m guessing it was on a message board of some sort.  It was definitely an “aha” moment for me.  I had a few of those before one when I was given my first hypnosis cassette tape (ask your parents) and two when I discovered the great work of the late Milton Erickson (ask google). There were others in other areas of my life but in terms of the mind finding Morty’s work I knew right away was going to the direction my life was going to take for the rest of my life. 

So much so that I identify as a Lefkoean.  A Lefkoean is someone who uses the numerous techniques that Morty developed while he was alive in every area of his life.  Every day and all day I do some process of his (which I will describing in later blog posts) to eliminate or dissolve meaning so that I can eliminate negative patterns or feelings rather quickly.  

My hope is that you get interested in doing this too.  As a Lefkoean, it is my attitude that you can create yourself as the creator of your life, make that distinction more and more so that you do not feel at the mercy and whim of the world, life, and those around you.  This may sound like Martian talk, so please bear with me, keep an open mind and start to eliminate that negative beliefs about you that you have been convinced have been your identity for most of your life.  I did it and so can you.

And you better get started quickly because time is running out.  For all of us.  Life ain’t no rehearsal and there are things you definitely want today.  You wouldn’t be here unless that was true.

A button below is provided for you to contact me and get started living a life free of barriers, obstacles, and procrastinations.  You no longer need to feel “less than” or an “imposter” or whatever else is bumping around inside your head.  Contact me today to schedule a time to start eliminating the beliefs that are destroying your life!  Thanks for reading and let’s go on an amazing adventure!

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