Eliminate Negative Beliefs, Eliminate Negative Patterns

Thank you for reading this far because you really matter!  I didn’t feel this for most of my life.  I tried many different techniques, and some were highly effective.  It wasn’t until I found the work of the late Morty Lefkoe, and the Lefkoe Belief Process that I realized that a concepts of myself, what often labelled, ‘negative core beliefs’, could be permanently eliminated and that my life would instantly transform.

A Plane Ride Changed Morty's Life, I Was Sitting On a Futon

I remember exactly where I was.  It was around 2:00am in the morning in the apartment of my future wife when I stumbled across Morty’s name and his Lefkoe Belief Process on a message board.  I was intrigued when I read that he had discovered a way to permanently eliminate negative beliefs and as a result the negative patterns one 

I Didn't Feel Comfortable in My Skin

I Felt Deeply Inadequate For Most of My Life

Many Techniques Had Positive Effects, but Nothing Worked Like the, "Lefkoe Method"

Is Something Missing From Your Life?

Is Something Missing From Your Life?

What I have 

Learn How Distinguish Yourself as the Creator of Your Life