Is Happiness Impossible?

I felt this way for most of my life.

I experienced two emotions most of the time:  anger and fear.

I felt anger because I had the belief, “I’m powerless”.

I felt fear because unconsciously I felt that at any moment I was going to die.

Now to be fair, I did have a lot of survival strategies that made me appear to be happy.

I did smile a lot, and I loved to laugh and make jokes.

But, when I was alone and it was late at night, I’d start awake terrified of the future, or dwelling on some painful moment from the past.

I learned from Morty that it’s not what happened in the past that made me feel bad, it was what I concluded about myself, the world and other people.

Now that I eliminate all of the beliefs that are the true source of my anger and fear (suffering).  I feel completely at peace and ease much more often.  I also respond to people in much, much better ways!

I am happy for the FIRST time in my life.


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