I Freaked Out While Driving!

Yesterday, I took a wrong turn and headed in the opposite direction from where I was supposed to go.

To go back toward where I intended involved searching in vain for a place to turn around.

The first place I could take a left and head back the right way, was in front of a hospital.

Traffic was busy and the person in front of me would not proceed out in the intersection so the light changed to red, they finished their left turn, and I had to wait.

Inside me, the fumes began to rise.

Finally, I got my green light and I pulled out in the intersection to make a left.  Mind you, at this point because of my wrong turn, I was close to becoming late for my appointment.

You know how sometimes there are waves of traffic and that sweet gap between car clusters?  Miraculously, I got one of those gaps.

Except for one car.  One creeping, flagging, lumbering and dragging old sedan elbow crawling on it’s tires toward the hospital entrance.

And there’s me, sitting out in the intersection.

From the safety of my car I screamed at the top of my lungs:  GOOOOOOOOO!!!

Rage and bile piped out of my core like sewage.

Like it would matter or change anything.  It didn’t.

That car turned, I got my left, I made my appointment on time and life moved on.

And yet, I lost my temper.  Because of how slow thedriver was moving along right?

Or was the problem that I forgot to use my tools?  Especially the Lefkoe Occurring Process.

Let’s run the process and find out.

What were the events?  I was in an intersection in my car (observable, measurable) and a person in another car was driving her car toward the hospital entrance (observable, measurable).

So what were the “occurrings”?  1.  She was driving “too slow” (immeasurable), 2.  I needed to turn when I wanted to (immeasurable).  3.  All of life and everyone on the planet are conspiring to always keep me from what I want and where I want to go (immeasurable?).

Which, if we were to guess, was the source of my wrath and the yelling?  The events. or my “occurrings” about the events?

The “occurrings” right?

Interestingly, once I created a clear distinction between what was going on:

“Old” woman driving -14 mph.                                     It’s not okay that she is.

My anger went away instantly!  Gone.

And yet, for most of my life I have sworn that I could see in moments like a person driving so slow clocks start to run backwards, the source of my rage, angst, suffering and stomach cramps.

How can it be that the feeling dissolves completely?  It’s because the feeling only comes from the occurring, not the event.  And once there is a clear distinction, the occurring has no breath, power or energy.  It dissolves.

I’m not 100% on this stuff obviously, but the difference is immediate and life changing for me.  I drove the rest of the way completely at peace.

Here’s to next time doing the process during the world’s worst driving moment ever to be recorded in the history of all humanity!

Until next time:  Dissolve!  Dissolve!  Dissolve!




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