The Noise In My Head Went Away Permanently

I discovered the Lefkoe Belief Elimination Process over 10 years ago.  I can’t quite remember how I came upon it.  I think it was mentioned in an online forum.  I had been studying hypnosis, NLP, EFT and other healing modalities and getting some positive results.  The idea that a belief could be eliminated permanently really grabbed my attention because I was sick of feeling horrible all of the time.

And I was tired of hating myself.  Which I did.  I hated myself pure and simple.

I have eliminated many beliefs using his method.  I wake up and that constant negative chatter that existed in my brain for most of my life is gone.

And now I love myself. And it doesn’t feel weird, weak or stupid to say that. I feel like a person who belongs for the first time in my life!

Do you want some of this?  If so, look his stuff up, it’s right there on the internet. Seriously, your life will change in amazing ways!


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